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Welcome to the Meritocracy of 2015!

Greetings from Bishop Lake!

As we prepare to move forward into 2015, we wish to extend our deepest and most sincere

thank you to all who have made our 2014 so memorable. To all of who have purchased a CD, a

T-Shirt, a Digital download, or attended a show, or simply wished us well, thank you for your

belief in Bishop Lake. You are the key ingredient that will make or break Bishop Lake in the

realm of rock and roll, and you can also help break us to a wider audience. If you listen to us on

any level, or stream our music, or enjoy being friends with us on social media, be sure to

SPREAD THE WORD about us and our music. We cannot do this without help, and we do not

possess the financial power to purchase the advertising and exposure that could break us

bigger. Help us in 2015 to go further than ever!

If you use music streaming services like Spotify, or Deezer, you can help us by streaming our

albums as often as possible on a loop. It take almost 1000 streams of a song to make us $5.00,

so if you have a premium or unlimited account with either of these services, you can help us by

streaming the album at night while you sleep, set on a continuous loop. It sounds silly, but it

works, and it does help us out without having to continually purchase from our shop. 

We have a lot of cool things to come in 2015, we want to play out as much as possible, and we

hope to stretch our reach beyond the Southeastern USA. We hope to shoot an actual music

video this year, we are also working on extending our name and music overseas into the United

Kingdom, and possibly further. 

And lastly, starting next week, I will be offering a "Storytellers" type of blog to explain what the

hell our songs are about. I will be starting with our most current release , "The Meritocracy of

Hell" and it will be very interesting to say the least! Be sure to tune in, share our music , website

and blogs on all social media with a few clicks, and be sure to stay true to rock and roll and stay

true to yourselves!

God bless and rock on,


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