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Storytellers #4-I Just Wanna Make You Mine

"I just wanna make you mine", is the refrain of our darkly humorous "Make You Mine", the 4th track from our latest album , "The Meritocracy of Hell". I was in a particularly good mood when this song came about. It was a Monday morning, and the evening before my wife and I had watched the latest episode of  "The Walking Dead". We are huge fans of the show, as are many people, and I was wanting to write a song that incorporated some portion of the Zombie awareness that seems to be permeating pop culture. Part of the inspiration for this song came from a scene in one of my favorite horror films, "Dance of the Dead", and it was a scene where two teenagers become zombies and begin to eat each others faces off, in a way that most teens would be making out. TWD takes a serious approach, DOTD took a humorous approach. Both were very inspirational to the general theme, but I had to come up with lyrics that made the subject mine (nyuk nyuk). 

I starting to think about it, and was daydreaming as I am oft to do, and thought about what I would do in the evnt of a zombie apocalypse. If my wife or children became zombies, what would be my course of action? So begins the lyrical theme of "Make You Mine".

I am particularly proud of the lyrics to this song, they make me smile every time i hear the song. 

"When I buried you six feet deep beneath the frozen soil, I didn't know you were hungry and coming back for more, This death can feel so lonely ,God knows that I tried, but it's so hard to pull that trigger, when there's hunger in your eyes"

"Those eyes, they say it all, your mouth has got lockjaw but that look in your eyes, says I want to take you, I just want to take you, I just want to make you mine"

"Cat's got your tongue and was headed for the trash, I had to chase it down so I could try and get it back,this death can feel so lonely, gold knows that I tried, but it's so hard to pull that trigger when there's hunger in your eyes"

Now, I certainly don't expect everyone to feel the same about it as I do, but hopefully people can see this as a fun little song, which really works as a funny love song to my wife Liz. I do believe I would turn into a walker for her. :)

The music came very quickly for this song, as it was built around the vocal melody first. I thought it might be too simplistic at first, but once we recorded it and heard it, it was meant to be. I recorded the solo in a couple of takes, it was a collection of guitar lines I wanted to use in previous bands as solos, but they ended up on the cutting room floor. I'm glad because they fit here perfectly, then David came in for the heavy portion of the solos and tore it up. He did that in one take. Glen laid down his bass lines in record time for this one. I wish we could have more songs as basic as this, but then it might get boring. But then again, we only have to like it first for it to be recorded........

I firmly believe every great band can balance the serious with the humorous, and the sacred with the profane. It's all about creating well rounded art, and creating albums that can take the listener with the band into a fun journey of the psyche. Bishop Lake flows with some pretty deep waters that can be hard to tread, so think of this song as some waterwings to help out. I hope this song brings a smile to everyone's face like it does mine.


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