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Storyteller #3-Soulless Void


Storytellers #3- Soulless Void

As mentioned in the last blog, Storytellers #2-Ouija Board Diagnostics, I am a huge fan a horrorpunk. I love the Misfits, Danzig, Samhain, Calabrese, The Casket Creatures and Dead Rites. And although not everyone of those bands are punk, they all ascribe to a similar theme, a theme that we in Bishop Lake employ as well. Not all of us do the same thing, or even resemble each other, but we all love horror, we all love Halloween, and we all love to express things in a darker way. I also meant to throw CKY in there as well......
This song is as close to a punk song as I am probably going to get. I can start out writing a punk song, but then I keep on messing around with the arrangements and subconsciously start to make them heavier. I am more keen to stop myself these days, and Soulless Void is an example of a song I had to stop myself from messing with too much.
The song started with the vocal melody at the bridge :”Deep beneath the earth you lay”.....
I had watched Kill Bill recently when I wrote that line. I was thinking about Uma Thurman's character “The Bride”, and how Bill's brother was about to bury her alive, not without giving her a shred of hope to escape I might add, but before closing the casket says “This is for breaking my brother's heart..”. Probably one of my all time favorite movies, not really horror, but the scene freaked me out. The idea of being buried alive. It made me ponder a lot of things I have done, choices I have made, and whether or not I would be the one being buried or the one doing the burying.
So I decided to write the song from the perspective of the one doing the burying. The burying in the song can be a metaphor for most anything in your life I suppose. Things you regret, things you hope never happen again or burying something in the ground so deep it suffocates and never returns....
The song follows a storyline. On the surface you could read the lyrics, and in verse one he is burying the person alive, verse two he is starting to be tortured by his conscience, and by verse three he realizes you can't run from your thoughts and guilt, and in this realization wishes no one show pity or remorse for he knows it is due him.
Make no mistake, this song is dark. The music and melodies almost make it seem lighthearted, but it is a dark vision about the human condition. It is also a song for everyone. We ALL have things we want to bury, we ALL feel guilty for things in our past, and we ALL have to find ways to deal with it beyond burying in in dirt and manure.
Now, I originally just wanted to share a boring little story about how I was driving to work and decided to write a song about burying someone alive, but Bishop Lake is a deep, dark , dank place to live.
As dark as it can be, it in not without light to assist the journey though.....


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