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Metal Against Cancer- A concert event to benefit the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation

This week, i am taking a break from the storytellers blogs to write about something different, and a whole lot more important. On February 28th, at 6:00pm, along with Killing Grace, Rigorism, The Cherry Bombs, Uberstout, Halcyon Way, and the almighty DEATH ANGEL, we are going to endeavor to raise both money and awareness. Money is what we want to raise. Just being blunt about it. Awareness can't pay someone's bills or help with an immediate need. It can't. There are far too many "charitable" organizations that simply "raise awareness", all the while giving a miniscule amount to the cause they are raising awareness for, and paying themselves handsome salaries for a non-profit career. The Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation is different. Here, read this exceprt from their own mission statement:

The Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) was founded in 2001 by the physicians and staff of Atlanta Cancer Care, a medical oncology practice with offices located throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. The health care professionals of Atlanta Cancer Care recognized that a cancer diagnosis can sometimes bring about unexpected financial circumstances; ACCF was created to help alleviate some of the financial burdens experienced by cancer patients and their families, and to provide support for cancer education and research in the Atlanta area.


That's what everyone wants charities to do. to serve those in need. This charity is doing just that, and you should give your money to them to help someone you don't know, because if you needed help and your family needed it, you would pray for the kindness of strangers. The concert is only $20. That's a few beers on a night out, a pizza for dinner, a movie for two, a gallon of gasoline (haha), but isn't going to break your bank account. It's hard to give, I know. This should be easy because you get a kickass show from a bunch of bands you will love. Anyway, I will stop trying to guilt trip folks about it, but why don't you go to the website and read up on it, and contact us if you want tickets, or buy them on the website for the event. Either way, show up and prove that rock and roll and heavy metal exist to do more that exist for it's own sake. We can really do something real here.


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