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Metal Against Cancer- A concert event to benefit the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation


Someone out there needs your help.....

Storytellers #6- The Meritocracy of Hell


"Dark figures confine your vision, you can't see if there is no light"

Storytellers #5- Canine


Maybe I'm thinking too hard, maybe the song is simply about a dog.......

Storytellers #4-I Just Wanna Make You Mine


I firmly believe every great band can balance the serious with the humorous, and the sacred with the profane......

Storyteller #3-Soulless Void


Now, I originally just wanted to share a boring little story about how I was driving to work and decided to write a song about burying someone alive, but Bishop Lake is a deep, dark , dank place to live........


Storytellers #2- Ouija Board Diagnostics


"When it comes to the song Ouija Board Diagnostics the influences on it made it a mutt of a song. I remember reading an article at the time when Carcass was talking about their most recent album Surgical Steel coming out and them saying that they were bringing "the riff" back because they were tired of hearing all these modern metal bands with their open drop tuned breakdown style riffs.

Storytellers #1: Digging Deeper Down


As a youth, I would read album liner notes and lyrics as though I were studying for a final exam. I would read every word of every song, and try to imagine what inspired it. There were lyrics I could sense....


Welcome to the Meritocracy of 2015!


Greetings from Bishop Lake!

As we prepare to move forward into 2015, we wish to extend our deepest and most sincere

thank you to all who have made our 2014 so memorable. To all of who have purchased a CD, a

T-Shirt, a Digital download, or attended a show, or simply wished us well, thank you for your

belief in Bishop Lake. You are the key ingredient that will make or break Bishop Lake in the

realm of rock and roll, and you can also help break us to a wider audience. If you listen to us o

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